Ecosystem Value of Trees

Trees in Islington provide many benefits to both residents and visitors across the borough. Some of these benefits can be measured, and also valued in economic terms. In particular, the benefits provided by the public trees have been quantified and valued, for each of the 16 wards that make up Islington. You can navigate and click the map to view the estimated figures within each ward and also the combined annual benefit.

The estimated total annual benefit to the Borough of Islington is at least £598,000 every year!

This project demonstrates that the trees in Islington are extremely valuable to the population as they store and sequester carbon, reduce storm water runoff and filter pollutants from the air. There are of course many other benefits which trees provide (such as human health and wellbeing) which are still vitally important and valuable. However, these are not yet quantifiable and so, the tree benefit values presented here should be seen as conservative estimates.